About Skillscaper

Skillscaper was founded in 2012 by Peter Isackson, Ben McIntosh and Randi Cohn to make available to the world of training and education the Skillscaper software suite that brings the logic of games into the heart of the learning process. Chatscaper, a multimdia dialogue generator, makes teaching itself easier and more flexible for trainers, teachers and coaches. And it makes learning both fun and deeply collaborative.

Skillscaper will shortly be launching Worldscaper, our freemium platform for creating, managing, sharing and publishing learning objects created by users of Chatscaper.


Skillscaper pushes the notion of USER-GENERATED CONTENT several steps beyond anything that has been seen up to now. In minutes a trainer or teacher can create the content that gets learners to invest their own creativity. This means learners participate in generating content by building each node of the game. They suggest, discuss, experiment, adjust, critique and produce something that makes sense as a new learning object.

But most exciting is the fact that the content generated is a playable and publishable communication game, where essential knowledge is not only presented, but also subjected to refined analysis during the creation process. And each game produced can be a social learning object that will generate new experiences, different ideas and lead to new creations.


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