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The cosmos is non-linear. Sub-atomic physical reality is non-linear. Our lives are non-linear. We are persuaded by well-intentioned guides, politicians and teachers to believe otherwise, but my mission is to help people discover the joy of non-linear thinking and acting, otherwise known as...creativity.

The poverty of curriculum based teaching

This blog entry by Katrina Schwartz reveals how the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia is one institutation that has remodeled its approach to teaching along interesting lines that take us beyond the notion of teaching to the test. A lot of … Continue reading

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Linking 2 questions: “Who tells you what to teach?” and “What does it have to do with what learners need to learn?”

I would imagine that any professional educator should at some point want to explore this pair of questions. I find it extraordinary that the defense attorneys of educational systems have succeeded in banishing this line of questioning from the courtroom … Continue reading

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Teachers and trainers as executive producers

We are about to launch Chatscaper, a tool that allows anybody to create visually in minutes (or hours, or weeks, for a complex project) a fun and exciting game built around non-linear (branching) logic. We’re actually looking for creative-minded beta … Continue reading

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The motivation gap: doing something about it

It’s no secret that our systems for provoking learning – what we usually call education and training – have some serious problems. Some speak of an existential crisis. Most people recognize that if effective learning doesn’t always take place in … Continue reading

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The soft border between teaching and learning

The best teachers, if they’re honest, admit that it’s their students who teach them their art and science. Of course, most students don’t know that they’re teaching their teachers, which is probably a good thing. Just as the analysands (sometimes … Continue reading

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Double flip or flip and twist

So the flipped classroom is all the rage. I remember first implementing in 1983 when we built resource centers and had our learners get their instruction on their own (we didn’t have the Web, of course). They would work on … Continue reading

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Gamification is manifestly the theme of the moment. A lot of people are struggling with defining the term itself. At bottom, it’s all about using techniques associated with games and gaming to create motivation. The question then is, motivate to … Continue reading

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